A dangerous precedent

There is one potential end to this nightmare war and that is when Russia simply implodes because of financial strain. Russia has an economy the size of Italy – they cannot afford to keep this up for too long.

Ukrainians believe they will win this war. I believe it too. The Ukrainians will fight to the death – this they have made clear and the world can see it. The painful cost of this is hard to comprehend, but they are not going to give up.

At some point, some sad and terrible point, like if Putin threatens to drop a small nuclear bomb, the West will step in. I believe that – they will grow some balls at some point.

If no one challenges Putin then this sets a very very very dangerous precedent in the world. The next madman with nukes, in say 5 to 10 years, will do the same thing: hold the world to ransom by threatening with nuclear weapons. No doubt about it. This is setting the stage for future leaders in Pakistan, India, North Korea and any nuclear power out of the Western orbit. This is seriously dangerous stuff.

Europe is dependent  on Russia  for gas, oil and wheat. Especially Germany, a key player in the EU. Putin’s daily income of hundreds of millions of dollars a day needs to stop. If this happens then Russia cannot keep on financing this mad war.

Greed has caused this mess. On all sides. And Ukraine is fighting for the whole democratic world. Please God they get more help They need it. Now.