Four weeks ago … BOOM !!!

It was 4 weeks ago that our building was shaking and air raid sirens were making a racquet. Feels like a lot longer than 4 weeks.

I believe Ukraine will win this war. At what cost though is everyone’s terrifying guess.

But if God forbid Putin wins the war then they will not stop at Ukraine and WW III will be inevitable. Putin can see the West’s weakness and is taking full advantage. And yes, the nuclear threat is no joke. If Russia wins this war then just nuke us now because I don’t want to live in a world like this – if Russia wins this war then humanity is in the toilet and then what is the point any more.

For those who know me, I like to make laugh, and tell stories, and I like to listen to stories and I like to laugh too. I have lived in many parts of the world and I laughed the most in Kyiv.

Here is a story that will make you laugh – I have a ton of stories and anecdotes like this.

So, about 4 years ago I get hosted at a meeting of some successful IT entrepreneurs in Kyiv. They are showing me around their super cool offices, and they are laughing for some reason. I get it all the time
Ronnie, you don’t look African?
I say, I know, but I was born in Cape Town, in South Africa. I am from Africa.
They say, But you are not black.
I say, I know … something happened. And everyone laughs for some reason.
So this IT guy says to me: Here in Ukraine there is no political correctness – you can say anything you like.
He then asks me: is the business climate in SA like Ukraine or America.
I tell him it is like America. You can’t joke about race, religion, sex , etc.
There are two lovely computer programmers sitting in a coffee area. He calls them over; everyone generally speaks English in the IT space there.
He asks the one girl: Do we have sexual harassment in offices here in Kyiv?
Her answer: NOT ENOUGH.

We all pack up laughing – it was good for the soul. In America this would have become a lawsuit within 15 minutes.