So much about this has to do with character

I am not a crypto person, whatever that even means. There was a time when I was pretty fascinated with this new idea and I did listen to many people talk about it, and was reading articles and watching lectures online, and just trying to get my head around what this new world was about. Of course I also learned about the electricity concerns and hacking popped into my mind quite a few times. But nothing could have captured my imagination more than this FTX shenanigan.

I recently watched a video I had seen a view years back from Warren Buffet and Charlie Munger. They touch on something that hit me like a ton of bricks. Crypto has much to do with character. I am not close to anyone who “works in crypto” but I do know a lot of people who smugly tell me that their career is in crypto. If I think of all the people I know who are in crypto, they are generally all people I would never invest my time or money with.

A few months ago, for some reason, YouTube recommended a video of Melania Trump and what she is up to. It was a CNN clip and it was only a few minutes, and she is a bit of a belter, so I reckon, let me take a peek. I was thinking maybe she will surprise the world and is busy with something charitable etc. No such luck. She was touting her new web site and the NFTs she created and was now selling. I just rolled my eyes. What an idiot.

Think about this for a moment. We all know some “crypto people” – if these people were the leaders of the world, and the role models of society, then God helps us all. Trump, if he was a bit younger, would be the poster child for crypto, is my guess. He probably does have some dealings with cyrpto, but who even cares.

I have always enjoyed a hard working, inspired dreamer. But a lazy, corner cutting schemer – I avoid like the plague.

I found this on Google :

Since its launch, Solana has produced a remarkable return of more than 14,500%, easily making it one of the best financial assets to own during this time. It is now the 15th most valuable cryptocurrency network in the world, with a market cap of $5 billion. – 3 days ago

I honestly just don’t get it. This thing is said to be worth billions of dollars. I must be really stupid. I seriously don’t get it. What is worth 5 billion dollars?!?

I found this on Quora :

“All the network errors and paused transactions during hacks is some proof enough that it isn’t. Solana has not brought anything new other than hype and lies of what it truly is. Crypto purists don’t touch Solana nor respect it.”

So there is a hierachy or something in the crypto world. God knows what any of this actually means any more. My take on it: greed.

Beware: The companies that hold your crypto aren’t insured the way banks are

The Psychology of an Isolated Russia | The New Yorker

“So this is the thing about authoritarian regimes. They’re terrible at everything. They can’t feed their people. They can’t provide security for their people … they only have to be good at one thing to survive. The suppression of alternatives. If they can deny political alternatives, if they can force all opposition into exile or prison, they can survive no matter how incompetent, no matter how corrupt, no matter how terrible they are.”

Secretary Blinken answers: Would anyone in Russia stop Putin if he wanted to use nukes?

“… the Achilles Heel of autocracies anywhere. There is usually not anyone who has the capacity or the will to speak truth to power. And part of the reason I think Russia has gotten itself into the mess that’s it’s in is because there is no one in the system to effectively tell Putin he is doing the wrong thing.”