Ukraine needs way more help

Poland wants to give fighter jets to Ukraine but they can’t give these to them directly or Russia will take this as an attack by Poland. So they can give them to me, and I can give them to Ukraine. This is all crazy under the table game playing. Bottom line: the world is helping Ukraine.

Russia, everyone is disgusted by what you are doing and you have broken every rule in the book, so others are breaking some rules too – yes, Ukraine is getting help … not nearly enough, but they are getting help for sure, and it is on the increase.

Unless this nightmare ends soon WW III is inevitable. Russia invaded Ukraine, the world is helping Ukraine, and those are the facts. It is just a matter of time before Russia says “Hang on, this is now too much help.” Whether it is direct or indirect or under the table or over the table – Ukraine is getting help. This nightmare needs to end, or yes, this war is going to be far more reaching pretty soon.

But hang on, what is this latest news about Russia asking China for help. If this is true, and if China actually helps Russia, then this nightmare will go up a few levels. This could lead us right into WW III.