NATO will step in at some point

This nightmare is not going to end soon.

The US is studying every Russian move. They are learning all their current military capabilities, seeing all their weaknesses. I don’t believe the US/West “engineered” this war, but they are certainly now taking full advantage.

Putin is going to fall, and that is good for the world. No one expected Zelensky to rise up and unify Ukraine like this. The US didn’t see this coming, Putin didn’t see this coming. And now there is the opportunity to try and remove Putin and Ukraine is doing the US/West’s dirty work.

NATO is going to have to step in at some point – Ukraine is the first wave. Yes, Ukraine is doing the world’s hard and ugly work. Unless China steps in and helps Russia – then it is WW III. I cannot see China helping Russia. They saw what happened to the Russian economy in a very short space of time. They don’t want this to happen to them.

These are very scary times.