Evil Russians

The last few weeks have seen a new kind of evil: automated killer drones. Russia could still potentially cripple Ukraine – if they destroy the electricity and heating infrastructure, then how can Ukraine function?! The Ukrainians are knocking down over 80% of these killer drones, but from what I understand it is using up their precious defense capacity. Ukraine needs more and more help from the West. If Ukraine falls, which I just don’t believe will happen, then the world will fall – that is what I believe. I love the Ukrainian sense of humour. I read this online, “If Russians leave us with no electricity in nine months there will be more Ukrainians.” Yes, there are many painful challenges ahead, but Ukraine will survive and prosper. Russia, on the other hand, is doomed.

Ukraine is living through 911 everyday. This is terrorism, and the world is watching online like it is a horror movie. They are determined, but very stressed. I chat with friends regularly in Kyiv. Yes, people are worried, but they carry on.

Here is a question: if South Africa bombed Zimbabwe, then there would be a global outcry. But if SA destroyed Zimbabwe’s electricity infrastructure then would anyone do or say anything? Do we need to see dead bodies for there to be an outcry? It does seem less hectic but wait till people are freezing. I don’t believe this will happen in Ukraine, but the fact that Russia is trying to make this a reality is reason enough for some sort of response. Or a least, a bigger, more impactful response.