Black Mirror for real

Yesterday morning kamikaze drones were attacking Kyiv. Sounds like the Terminator for real. Robotic death machines swarming into a city. I am sure there was a Black Mirror episode like this. But this is not a TV show. This is Kyiv and what Russia is doing, with Iran’s help, is pure evil. How many of these death drones are there? I assume they can just keep on making them. It is all insane. I understand that the Ukrainian military shot down about 80% of these flying nightmares.

“It’s 2022 and a member of the UN Security Council is launching waves of kamikaze drones at civilians in a European capital city.”

This modern story of good VS evil is playing out right in front of the eyes of the world. When will the pain be enough for the West to step up in the biggest possible way they can and help Ukraine put an end to the devil. How many people need to die before this happens? If Ukraine falls, which I do not believe will happen, then what kind of a world are we living in. A different world than we all knew. If Russia gets away with this nightmare then the world as we know it has become rotten to the point where nowhere will be cosy anymore. The stakes could not be higher. Ukraine is fighting for the world. Sadly, I don’t think most actually get this.

This clip below is from 2019. Leaving the Trump shit aside, America’s relationship with Ukraine is paramount.

“We could benefit from the experience of Ukrainians, not the other way round.”

“A free and prosperous Ukraine is important to the security of the Ukrainian people, the United States of America, and the rest of the world.”