Male rage, lethargic politicians and compassion – new SA doccie ‘57’ unravels the complexities of crime

“The doccie confronts topics head-on and explores why male rage is so prevalent in South Africa, issues relating to patriarchy, the unemployment rate, poverty, and, of course, gender-based violence.

South Africa’s past, including apartheid and colonialism, is also focused on. So too are the country’s politicians who seem to lack the will to effectively fight crime. (State Capture, touched on in 57, clearly has something to do with that.)

Critical questions are asked. For example, if the government could act so swiftly when Covid numbers started spiking – enforcing lockdowns and getting vaccination stations up and running – why can’t it do the same when it comes to tackling different kinds of crime?

Clearly government is capable of driving processes affecting all residents – as demonstrated with its response to Covid – but in terms of crime, it seems to be at a loss.

Another issue 57 focuses on is policing, or, as is so often the case, the lack thereof. The topics it explores are heavy, but these are presented conversationally, so the subject matter doesn’t bog down the documentary or slow its pace.

While leaving one feeling overwhelmed at just how extensive crime is in this country, 57 manages to inspire hope.”