Eating out in Kyiv is always a treat. The food is simply delicious and often, like the design and architecture, so fresh and inspired. I have had many guests here from other countries over the years and they are always amazed at the restaurants in Kyiv. And also, in Lviv. It is simply WOW.

One of my favourite spots in Kyiv is called Spicy No Spicy. The décor is so cool and the menu is right up my alley. I love Thai food and this is some of the best I have ever eaten. Of course, with the war situation business is not like it used to be and this makes me sad. They try so hard and deserve to be full all the time. My guess is that they are running at about 30% from their highs. Not a disaster, and getting better with each passing week, but not good. Kyiv needs more people to make these businesses sustainable.

Eating out here is often a quirky and entertaining experience. I felt like desert and I noticed Snikers ice cream on the menu. This had to be a typo. I asked the waitress about the Snikers. She told me the Snickers ice cream is really good. And I said “But it says Snikers.” She realized the typo and giggled a bit. I then asked if it was the same as the Snickers ice cream you can get at the Silpo supermarket or was it made here in the restaurant. I was just joshing around as I knew it had to be made in the restaurant. She looks at me and goes “No, at Silpo you can get Snickers ice cream. Here we have Snikers. It is our own secret ice cream.” We all laughed, and it was seriously yummy. I love Snikers. Sharp waitress – this is something I tell people all the time. Ukrainians are very quick off the mark and their sense of humour is up there with the best of the best.

This is the Coconut Dessert (below). It is off the charts good. Never had anything like it before, anywhere. And it looks so pretty. I leave this Sunday. Heading back to SA. I will miss magical Kyiv. I am confident we will be back here at the end of March. Spicy No Spicy will be one of the first places we eat at when we get back. Bunster is going to love it too.