Laugh at yourself

The Bunster likes to laugh. This fills me with joy. Marta and I like to laugh too. We both have a good sense of humour. The Bunster is going to make people laugh. I can see this happening. He can sense, already, what is funny. He doesn’t speak in full sentences but he is starting to put words together. So things like setups and punchlines are a while away. But, when he sees something amusing he starts to laugh. He knows what is funny. I find this fascinating. No one taught him about jokes and comedy but he can see something he finds funny and he laughs with his whole little body and soul. It is magical.

This got me thinking about people and humour. Some people are way too serious and need to try laugh a bit more. Especially at themselves. I often laugh at myself. I make so many mistakes in life and learn many hard lessons. And if I didn’t laugh sometimes I would go crazy. Bunster is on the right track. He is literally laughing at himself. I showed him a video of himself in a shopping cart in the mall and he packed up laughing. Cool Bun.

On Friday it is was my birthday and the Bun man was the best birthday gift I have ever had. Thank you little man. You are innocent and curious and you make everyone smile and laugh. And that is magical.