Peace and quiet

We got a new Apple laptop, and my old faithful machine got fixed. Jackpot! The technician thinks the motherboard may have got fried by power surges from load shedding. Never a dull moment.

We are staying at a golfing estate called Fancourt, close to the small and charming city of George. It is very pretty here and quiet. We are staying at my brother Alon’s holiday home. Golf is the name of game here, but I have never played golf before and probably never will. I have always admired this game, and thought of it as graceful. A sport where you can compete against yourself. When I look out the bedroom window now I can some folk playing a round. It all looks very peaceful.

The house comes with a golf cart which is very cool. This has got me thinking. Isn’t this what a Tesla car is. Just with more flair and vooma. Perhaps Elon Musk is a golfer and got inspired by golfing estates. These golf carts are everywhere here, and they seem pretty nippy. Silent machines that the Bunster loves. I am convinced that golf carts are like simple Teslas. Interesting that they never evolved into family cars. Seems like this was staring everyone in the face for a long time, especially golfers. Ok, ok. I am being a bit silly.

I love photography and have a keen eye. I have tried to take some pics that can capture the beauty and scale of this place, but the camera does not do it justice. This needs to be seen in person. From what I understand this is a world-class resort and is up there with the best of the best. I hear a lot of people that retire come and live here permanently. I can definitely see the lifestyle that this provides and it is appealing, and again, I am not a golfer. The setting is magnificent, and the air fresh and crisp. You have the ocean about 10 minutes away by car, and there is lot of cool eating places all over the place.

The Cape Dutch looking houses here, in one part of the estate, are appealing to me, aesthetically. And in terms of what you get for your money it is not expensive in world pricing. Because of SA’s weak currency and the low confidence in the economy, the housing prices at Fancourt in US Dollars, for example, are not going to scare anyone away.

SA has a brain drain problem with so many skilled and good people leaving the country. Two of the newest and most popular countries where people are going to include Portugal and Holland. America is not on most people’s top 5 places any more, for quite a while now. And Australia, while it remains popular, has no appeal to me – you could not pay me to live there. So when we came to Fancourt 6 days ago, we started to think about this as a possibility. Since the war started in Ukraine and we had to leave our stunning home in magical Kyiv, we have spent a lot of time thinking about where we could live. Our plan is to return to Kyiv and help with the rebuilding. But, if God forbid, this war takes a turn for the worse, and we cannot return, then we need to think about where we are going to stay in more longer terms. I have to say that Fancourt has captured our imaginations for sure.