Rewriting The Code

We started a documentary film project in 2018 that explored IT entrepreneurship in Kyiv, and how the Soviet legacy has affected the nation’s work life. Risk taking in Soviet times was not a thing, and following a dream was non-existent. So it is fascinating to observe how in Ukraine a group of free thinkers, a new generation of dreamers, are rising to the challenge.

We had come up with this logline for the narrative. It took us many many years to arrive at these words. This is the elevator pitch, ie, a short summary of the vision: Rewriting The Code.

Ukraine’s struggle for freedom and recognition from their hard-wired Soviet conditioning. A story of identity. They are not The Ukraine.

This nightmare war that started in late February is all about identity. And in terms of Rewriting The Code this is what the Ukrainian military have done, and continue to do. If they were all in their Soviet state of mind they would have been defeated. That old, miserable Soviet way lacks purpose and honesty and it is weak when it comes to organization and leadership. The Ukrainian army has passion and purpose, has been open to Western intelligence and technology, and they are fighting with all their heart and soul.

We arrived at this vision with respect to entrepreneurs and business people, and it is evident in the Ukrainian military too. The Ukrainian army has rewritten the code for sure – that is why they are kicking ass.. The Russian army has been incompetent, corrupt, cruel, with no motivation or purpose, and it is an army based on brainwashing. The Ukrainians know what they are fighting for, and this is fundamental.

Our film story is very much about “purpose”. A key theme to throwing off the shackles from their hard-wired Soviet conditioning. Our documentary’s narrative explores who, what, where and why is Ukraine. The war highlights this in the biggest possible way.

Ukraine is fighting for their identity and this war is showing the world who they are, where they are, why they are, and what they are. They are not Soviets – they are rewriting the code with the highest possible stakes.

Our story is about who is Ukraine. This insane war is showing us their determination, passion, belief, courage, spirit, identity, humour and more. Ukrainians are using their innovative skills and entrepreneurship to help win this war.

Ukraine was under Russian rule in the Soviet Union but Ukraine is not Russia. It has a culture far richer and older than that of Russia. A culture that is open and warm. Not a culture rooted in arrogance and evil. Russians are not free, and Ukraine is fighting for freedom. Russian culture, despite its being famous, didn’t save them. In fact a lot of their artists were of Ukrainian origin.

This nightmare war is all about rewriting the code. Russia has proved once and again to be the evil empire. Ukraine stands for freedom and goodness. This is indeed a battle of good VS evil. I believe there is more good in the world than bad, and I believe that good will win here. Ukraine will be victorious. They are showing the world how brave they are. This is their code.