The horror in Ukraine is just unbelievable. When will this nightmare end? And when will America/West stop messing around and really step up and help properly?!

“Meanwhile the EU is scared that “gas prices are up,” so keep paying $1B a day to Putin.

We Westerners enjoy great lives of privilege. We cancel each other for saying banned words but can’t ban oil for murder, and cheer on tepidly while women and 130lb software engineers do the fighting for us.

This war has exposed us all.”

These words above are from my friend John in the US. He has a Ukrainian soul and he has solid insight.

You would think that most normal, caring people would stand behind Ukraine, but no. It is around 50% that supports Ukraine. It would appear that around half of the world does not like the West. Yes, not everyone likes the free world.

Russia is a pimple compared to China. They are the next superpower that will influence our kid’s futures.

We sold our standards for comfort and greed.