‘I am watching my business fall apart’ – Can retailers survive inside Putin’s Russia?

With all the Western/American business shutting down in Russia, like McDonald’s, the thing I keep wondering: What are all the now unemployed people thinking? Surely they must be asking why are these companies all shutting down their operations. McDonald’s was a big, money making business in Russia, so why the shutdown.

I believe that the majority of Russians are brainwashed by their state controlled media. They believe Putin knows what he is doing, blah blah blah. But when hard-working people lose their jobs, en masse, all of a sudden, it must get people questioning things.

This is another effect of the sanctions. I hope it wakes all these zombies up. It is pretty clear to everyone by now that Russia = lies. This entire war is one big lie, and that out-of-date and out-of-touch nation is all one big lie. Russia truly is the evil empire. Who will ever trust Russia again?

All the people in Russia that are losing their jobs must be weary. If suddenly hundreds of companies down tools all at once, it must tell you something is not right.