I became a dad late in life. There are pros and cons with this. I am in pretty good health and am not over-weight or lazy. But yes, I got backache and some joint pains. But I also have perspective. I know that if I was in my thirties, say, and became a dad then, work was my primary focus. I am now older and if someone calls me up and says they have an opportunity and that we can all make a lot of money, then so what. The Bunster is my biggest opportunity. To love, to nurture, to teach, to inspire. This is where I enjoy spending my time now. It is important (to me) and challenging and it is good for the soul.

When The Bunster came onto the scene something inside of me switched on. Something I never knew about. Where did this love for this little man suddenly come from? I love this feeling. And I am learning a lot about myself on the journey. It also got me thinking. Does everyone have this love inside of them, just waiting to come out? I think yes, but I also think that not everyone has the capacity to embrace it.

Imagine you have a child and at the same time you lose your job, or you are struggling with some kind of addiction, or a tragedy, or perhaps you are a single parent. Or war breaks out. One’s situation is a fundamental parameter. I am very fortunate that I can give the Bunster my full attention. And yes, I do have stresses on the work front, and there has been the pandemic and a dozen other things to worry about, including the current nightmare situation with Russia, but all in all, I thank God that we are in this fortunate position, that we can give the Bunster the time he needs, and with our full attention.

I know that being a parent is something much of the world experiences, and yes, I am just another parent statistic. But to me it feels special. And for this, I am very grateful. I think I am really fortunate that I can embrace the journey and enjoy the Bunster as much as I can. I think also that being a parent makes you less selfish, and for this I am also thankful. Yes, I am learning a lot about myself, and also, I am thanking God a lot. To be able to embrace this love is a magical feeling. And with that, I am going to give the Bunster a big hug now … when he looks at me and gives me a hug and goes “dada” it all just feels like magic.

I started writing this text a month ago. I was constantly thinking about this new love that I have been experiencing and wondering if everyone else gets to feel this too. If they did, I don’t believe there would be any more wars.

Three weeks ago today we were still in Kyiv. I see it is almost 10 am now, and it was around this time that we left our apartment and hit the road on the most terrifying journey that lasted around 5 days. We will never forget it. I finally finished this blog piece, and added in this last paragraph here. I pray that this nightmare ends soon. I pray that the Bunster never gets to experience this kind of horror. I pray that peace returns soon.