What is the point of all this death and destruction ?

It was 3 weeks ago this time that we were running around looking for a bomb shelter. Air raid sirens were going off, our apartment building in Kyiv was vibrating, and bomb blasts could be heard in the distance. Our lives had changed. And the whole world has changed with it. Not for the better, I am sad to say.

America has lost its way. First there was that maniac Trump and now there is this weak Biden. America should have stood up for Ukraine right away. The Budapest agreement should have been more than enough. And yet Ukraine has to constantly beg for help.

No matter how long it takes Russia cannot win. Even if Russia takes over Kyiv, what will they do there with a puppet government. No one will support them. No one will give them money. What can Russia do with Ukraine?! There is nothing for them to do. They can’t even sort out their own country’s failing economy so how can they now also run Ukraine. There is seriously nothing for them to do in Ukraine. It is all just senseless.

Ukraine needs $565 billion to rebuild after Russia’s war. Ukraine’s Prime Minister Denys Shmygal said on March 15 that this preliminary figure would be at the expense of Ukraine’s partners and reparations from Russia. Ukraine’s government has already established a group to assess losses to the economy due to Russian aggression. – UBN

Ukraine is begging the world to help. Humanity is failing. If Putin nukes the world we probably all deserve it. I am sure many of you feel disgusted too.

God help us all.