Winter Wonderland

For those who know me, I am pale-skinned and gentle and warm. And yes, I don’t fit any of the pigeon holes. I have lived life on my own terms. I never set out to hurt or deceive anyone, but for sure I have made many mistakes. I am sorry about all the mistakes I have made.

I enjoy making people laugh and I like to tell stories. I love magic and inspiring people. And I love being inspired. I take pleasure in listening to a good story.

Kyiv in the winter is magical. And is full of smiles and laughter. I prefer it to the summer. I know most people in the world rather have warm weather but I like the winter and I enjoy that time of year in Kyiv (it is not that cold actually). I hope that this coming winter we are back in Kyiv, celebrating life, in this relatively unknown city. A city with an ancient and incredible history that is growing and buzzing. You may not know much about Kyiv, but it is fast becoming a new travel hot spot. I am pretty sure that within the next 5 years you will visit, and you will inspired and amazed. And like everyone who comes there, you will want to come back. Again and again.

Here are some photos of this winter wonderland. These are pics from some photographers I follow online.