How can all of this be about a piece of paper ???

If bombs dropped on Poland by mistake or on purpose then the West would need to defend, so the theory goes. So what is the difference if the bombs are falling on Poland or on Ukraine. Lviv is 70 km from the Polish border.

You ever been to Edinburgh? Everyone loves it there. Well, Lviv is more spectacular, and more buzzing. It is one the world’s new hot spots. And it is Poland’s close, friendly neighbour. So if bombs drop on Poland the West needs to defend, all because Poland signed a piece of paper. Ukraine also did sign a piece of paper in 1994 in Budapest that guaranteed their sovereignty. The US was very much a part of this. So much for all these pieces of paper. If you were drowning and I was walking by and could try and save you but I don’t because you were not in the “club” then what does it say about me?

Yes, yes, I know all the arguments about WW III and I am not buying it. Who is fighting currently with Russia. No one. And who said it will be WW III if they close the sky? Who said this will happen? Putin did not say he will attack if you close the sky. Show me where he said this. He said the sanctions from the West are an attack on Russia. So how does closing the sky make any difference. Close the God damn sky above Ukraine and help prevent more loss of life and all this senseless destruction.

“That idiot Putin walked into a trap. Putin is a rat and Ukraine is just the cheese. America caught him proper. The sanctions will mess up Russia totally. And so what if there is minus one million or minus two million Ukrainians. And minus one country. Who cares. The world feels pretty messed up at the moment.”

“Right now the US is just waiting to see how the sanctions are taking effect. What is happening in Ukraine and Europe suits them. They know their dirty work of getting rid of a madman is being done by Ukraine. That’s why Zelensky is a hero.”

But hang on, someone needs to control the 6,000 nuclear warheads. This problem with Russia will always be there. It also shows how irresponsible Putin in behaving right now.

“The West is not so unified, on anything, and it took only the unspeakable madness of invading Ukraine to get to agree on anything. The West could have stopped Russia in 2014,. The insufficient response from the West to the Russian invasion of Crimea in 2014 led to the current conflict.”

I am all over the place. In summary, if there was anyone to blame it is all of us. Greed has led the world to this point, and for now Ukraine is paying the price. God help us all.

The world is feeling more and more evil, and it is hyper-connected, the worst of combinations. We have given the cheapest and most powerful weapon – connectivity – to the worst people in the world.

“I wrote this essay in November when Russian troops were starting to lay siege to Ukraine. What has happened since then further supports its two main theses. First, that Vladimir Putin and his inner circle have a deliberate plan to destroy the order of rules and values governing world politics. Their goal is not regional or limited. They have a profound hatred of the Western world and want to take advantage of its perceived weakness. Second, the Kremlin has no vision of a new order to come. Its goal is purely destructive. Events in Ukraine over the last few days have fully confirmed these insights.