Chicken Kyiv

I live in Kyiv. We have a magical apartment there, with stunning views of the city. A mini New York with a Berlin twist and a bit of Rome and Paris, and a touch of São Paulo. Kyiv was the new hot spot of the world. Whoever visited this big, rocking, beautiful city was always amazed, and they kept coming back.

The eating in Kyiv was so good. All the dumb stereotypes apply though and many of my mates would often joke and ask me “Do you guys eat a lot of bread and soup?”. Yeah, we do actually. There are bakeries all over and they are awesome. Like Lisbon or Paris, but better. To eat out in Kyiv was always fun, and constantly delicious. And yeah, a good Chicken Kyiv was always hearty and satisfying.

Here are some pics of Kyiv from our apartment – what a view. Just 10 days ago I was looking at this magical city from the top of our modern high-rise building, and I was in awe.