Brothers … ?

The situation in Ukraine with the Russian army parking on the Ukrainian border is causing a lot of stress. And yet, Russia has said repeatedly that they are not planning to invade Ukraine. But Western media continues to suggest that an attack could happen any day now. And again, Russia keeps saying they are not not going to invade Ukraine. So what exactly is Russia doing?!

If Russia does invade then isn’t Russia a big fat liar. Who would ever trust Russia again? And why would they attack Ukraine? I understand Russia is not happy about NATO’s expansion over the years but why then attack Ukraine. Attack NATO if you are not happy with them but what has Ukraine done to Russia. Russia does not want Ukraine to join NATO but as it stands Ukraine is not part of NATO so what is the problem. Yes, I know I am over simplifying things but the questions here really are simple. Is Russia going to invade Ukraine and can Mr. Putin really be such a madman. I can’t believe that. I am not getting it. Russia keeps saying they are not planning on invading Ukraine and on the news last night the Americans and the Brits are telling their citizens to leave Ukraine right away. Again, what exactly has Ukraine done to Russia?

Russia says Ukraine is a part of Russia and that they are their brothers. Who kills their brothers ???

Western news suggests that missiles could bomb cities in Ukraine as part of the first Russian strike. This sounds like terrorism. When Israel gets missiles fired at Tel Aviv that is terrorism, but this is not about terrorists. This is about the Russian army. They must have a plan but at this stage no one has a clue what it is.