Happy new year !!!

Today has a been a peaceful and soulful day. I hope the rest of the year is like this.

I saw a funny thing on the Net earlier that said “Let’s make Year Three of Covid the best one yet !!!”

Yeah, there certainly were a lot of jokes flying around in 2021. We needed to laugh – it is always the best medicine. It was not an easy year for most folk I reckon.

I closed the books last night on some stuff and those stories need to stay in the past. As my one mentor once told me “Every problem has an expiry date.” I think 2022 is going to be another challenging year for the world, and I also think the stock market bubble will finally pop during the next 12 years. Then we are going to see more craziness.

I walked a few different paths this year on the work front. The PYGIO journey, which was filled with important lessons and milestones, will continue this year and we start off this month with some exciting potential. On the film front, we are waiting to receive on offer from a distributor for our documentary “57” about violent crime in South Africa. The film turned out very good – it is an important and powerful piece of work. I hope we conclude something in the next couple of months. We have another film project just raring to go.

Happy new year. Try and remember that it is better to be kind than to be right. The world needs more kindness in 2022.