We are in control

I just got back from the gym. Sounds more serious than it is. I am not a “gym person”. I was exercising for an hour and had a proper sweat. I have been pretty good lately. Going about 5 days a week. Today at the gym I was on the bicycle machine and I did some thinking.

I can’t say I enjoy going to the gym but I do appreciate the result. A good sweat makes me sleep better and I feel physically good. Also, it keeps my weight in check.

I often “plan” on going to the gym and then for some reason it doesn’t happen that day. Everything distracts me, like work, work and more work. And most of the time it is legit, but things like admin and bill paying etc. can wait. Exercise is more important. I keep telling myself I will go later, and I then land up getting into bed that night angry with myself. And of course I tell myself, “I will go tomorrow”.

Here this is the thought I had today : if I don’t go to the gym and exercise, even for 30 minutes, then I only have myself to blame. In short, we are in control of our happiness. When you invest in yourself only you can determine the size of the investment. Either you exercise for 30 minutes or an hour day, and feel fulfilled, or you don’t. We are in total control here and so it goes for just about everything else. If there is something or someone you don’t like out there, for example, then stay away from them. Yes, this is all in our hands. Spend time on the things that are good for you, things and people that feed your soul, and stay away from the negative forces.

I know this is a rather simplistic view on life, and here’s the thing. We all over complicate life. Simplicity is what genius is about. I am more and more convinced of it. Simplicity is about happiness. I believe this to be true.

I am no genius. I need to simplify. That will be the smart thing to do. I don’t think I am dumb, so what is stopping me.

Simplification, happiness and discipline. These are my thoughts from today’s gym session. Exercising every day. This should be a simple thing to make real.