The Bunster

The Bun is 3 months old today. Wow, what a blur. I was told that this time will fly by, and it did. So many nights of little sleep, wondering if we are doing everything right, never quite sure what the Bun will do next, and then throw in the corona anxiety, and by now I could sleep for a week. I would not change a thing though – it has been a magical time. Bunster for Prez !!!

Here are 7 Bun pics – one for each day of the week. Everyday for the past 3 months has been Bunday.

Wishing everyone a peaceful new year. May 2021 bring some calm to the world, and more laughter. Laughter will always be the best medicine.

This has not been an easy year at all. Phew !

Thank you to anyone who is reading this and who supported me this past year … to my family and friends. And most importantly, a le chaim for the Bun’s mom, who I love to bits.