The word opportunity

Opportunity sounds like a positive thing, doesn’t it? I mean, if someone calls you up and passionately says “I want to share an exciting opportunity with you”, then this sounds cool, right.

The thing is, from what I have learned in life, opportunity can also be a chance to hit the bottom. Yes, opportunity also means you can fail. And statically speaking, more business ventures fail than succeed. So the next time someone wants to talk to you about an amazing opportunity then make sure you are sober when considering getting involved.

Opportunity is not just about work but also about life, and love. An opportunity to go on a date, for example, does not necessarily mean you will fall in love and live happily ever after. Just think of how many crummy dates you have been on in your life. Think about the excitement beforehand and then try remember the disappointment the next day. We have all been there.

Every opportunity means we can win or we can lose. And I believe that the chances are greater that we will lose. So, why then is the word opportunity such a positive sounding word?!

I am a positive person, and I have spent my life taking risks. I have had many ups, and downs. The opportunity roller coaster can be hectic.

Opportunity is always all around us. I keep hearing of opportunities – apparently they are everywhere. And it generally sounds so good.

This ironic word has got me thinking this week. Perhaps I am considering another opportunity and getting a bit anxious. For such a positive sounding word, it sure does bring a lot of stress. Irony indeed.