Not too formal, nor too casual. Must you ‘do biz lunch’?

The revolution around communication has literally shifted the world. Face to face, points to a conversation on screens rather than in the physical world. While chiropractors are looking forward to future injuries like ‘crouch-neck’ as people lose the ability to look up. And that’s before cellphone finger makes an appearance. One of the classic traditions is a business lunch, not too formal and not too casual, and just enough time to get through things before you have to head back to the office. But in the new world, are business lunches still a must?

Business lunches aren’t as formal as dinners, but you can’t be too casual about them either. If you’re involved in a start-up company, who has time for lunch? That’s something you shovel into your mouth at your desk between Skype meetings. It doesn’t have to be this way. Sure, lunch meetings can cost you unnecessary time and calories, but you need to weigh up the benefits.