A film is a product

To tell a compelling tale, to write a story, to create a film, these are all amazing things to do. But there are no shortage of films in the world. Fantastic ones, yes, we need more of those, but in terms of the number of titles, there is not enough time to watch them all. We can’t listen to all the music the world has to offer or read all of the books that are out there. There sure is no shortage of product.

To the business people marketing and selling these titles they are just products. Some products may have been inspired labours of live, and perhaps some of them do huge numbers, but to the bean counters they are indeed just products.

When someone creates something it is special to them, and maybe to their loved ones, but to everyone else it is just another book on the shelf. This is the hard reality that artists often have to come to terms with – no one cares until it is a hit.