I am always inspired by people who do what they love and love what they do.

Purpose is about having meaning. A sense that what you are doing comes from a place deep in your heart. It is about doing something you believe in – something you want to do, with all your being. But purpose is both a privilege and a curse. A true purpose most often becomes an obsession and it keeps your mind racing until the small hours each and every night. There is no switching off from a calling.

Most people do not think about this word. And that is not good or bad. In my experience, the majority of people are trying to make a living, and balance the budget, and one has to respect that. Paying the rent is important. Feeding your family is fundamental. But sometimes, people get excited about something. A vision that keeps them bouncing off the walls. An excitement that they can’t let go of. And sometimes this vision, coupled with intense work, leads to glory, and sometimes it does not. I don’t believe that people with a sense of purpose ever really considered that it could lead them to wealth. There was an itch and it needed to be scratched. The motivation was all about climbing that mountain. Making a difference, adding something to the world, doing what you believe in. And when one does it well, and when luck shines on you, then yes, the result could be financially rewarding.

I don’t think one wakes up and goes “How do I find a purpose?”. I think it just happens. But, there are ways to discover this sense. Finding one’s purpose is a journey of self-discovery, and it is not for everyone. And again, that is not good or bad. It takes a lot of strength to follow a dream.