How do you get luckier

The thing about luck is being able to recognize it when it hits. If you dig for oil in a place where there is no oil then you will never have any luck. So, when you know something and you ignore it, then that is bad luck. And conversely, if you try take a product to market in a place where there is demand, well, then, you are in a with a chance. Luck is all about having a chance to win. And the more you try, the closer you will get to your realize your goal.

Know where to dig for oil – it will spare you a lot of heartache.

The American industrialist J. Paul Getty once said the secret to success was: “You wake up early, you work hard, and you find oil.” He hit the jackpot! Tomorrow you could get up in the morning, and find gold in your back yard, and the rest will be history. Of course, the more you dig, the more you have a chance to find the glory at the end of the rainbow. But one thing is for sure, if you dig for oil in the wrong place you are not going to find it.