He wants a poodle

An old Jewish trader was called before the emperor. The emperor told him he had been looking for something all over and no one could find it for him. He had finally asked the Jew in desperation. “Sure”, said the Jew, with a vision of a huge profit flashing before him. “I can get anything”.

“Price is no object”, said the emperor. The Jew’s eyes opened wide.

“Just tell me what and it will be yours.” he said.

“I want a poodle”, said the emperor.

The Jew scratched his head. “A poodle?” he said. “A very difficult problem, your majesty, but I can do it.”

“Are you sure?” asked the emperor.

“Sure I’m sure”, replied the Jew. “But it will be very very expensive.”

“I told you money was no object” replied the emperor. “Just as long as I can get one.”

“Do you want a big one or a small one? asked the Jew.

“A big one” the emperor replied.

“Even more difficult, your majesty” said the Jew. “It is much harder to find, but I can do it. ” he scratched his head again. “What colour do you want?” he asked.

“A black one” said the emperor.

“That is the most expensive of all” said the Jew, “but I can do it.”

“Money is no object. Just get it.” said the emperor.

“You will need to be patient” said the Jew. “Just leave it to me.”

He went backwards to the huge doors of the audience chamber, bowing as he went. “Just leave it to me and it will be yours.” he repeated.

As he went out of the door, he turned to the footman standing there, “Tell me,” he said. “What’s a poodle?”