Work and life

Wroclaw, this beautiful city in Poland, to which we have never been before, sure does have a challenging name. Most people who read this word on the page pronounce it, as I did at first, like it reads, “Wroc-law”. But when you hear it being spoken out loud it sounds quite different. It is “Vrot-slav”. In two weeks time we arrive in this city in Western Poland. We have a rented flat there until year end, and in May I will take the train and head to Kyiv. Besides returning to a place I love, and to our home, there is much to be done in Kyiv on our current film project which has a working title of “Rewriting The Code”. This is a film adventure we started on in 2018 and if we only knew where this story was going to take us … what a journey. This project has become way more important than it was when it first started and if we get it right it could do some good in the world. Please God.

Fancourt has been good to us, to the Bunster especially. Marta and I have had lots of time to reflect, think, heal, and grow. One thing is for sure family and health are everything. The war has fundamentally changed everyone connected to Ukraine and when the war is over I am going to go offline. Real life is analogue, not digital, and I want to embrace as much of it as I can. Also, the Bunster is all about the analogue. The real magic of life is not online. I imagine I will have less time from when we leave SA and I will try update my small blog once or twice a month, if I can. But the truth is, I need to talk less and listen more.

I met a few fascinating people in Fancourt. Chance encounters with golf lovers, holiday makers, and adventurous souls. I am not a golfer but golf sure is a beautiful game. I posted some text about the wisdom of golf many years ago. Here is a reminder – – I read this again recently and a few important thoughts were good to ponder again.

One of the folk I met recently at the coffee shop in Fancourt, while I was feeding the Bunster some toast with sliced avo, was talking about work and he said,  “Work hard until you no longer need to introduce yourself.” It reminded me of that line from that text about the wisdom of golf, “Golf teaches that when you are good you can tell people, but when you are great they will tell you.”

I have been doing a lot of soul searching on the film project because if we make a good film it won’t work – it needs to be an excellent film. I believe we are on the right path but to make something truly remarkable it is going to take everything we got. One word is the key for today’s rambling : focus.

Focus is fundamental to any success in life. A film that is not in focus is never good. Ok ok, a silly joke.

Enough said.