When 911 happened America and the rest of the globe was shocked. This tragedy changed everyone’s lives. And now in Ukraine we are witnessing terrorism constantly but not much has changed in the world, well, not that I can see. Perhaps I am just cynical but I don’t believe Russia is being punished for what they are doing. It is insane and evil, and yet, they keep doing it, and the world is watching, week after week. If a mall in a G7 country was hit by missile or if a residential building got destroyed by a rocket, there would be a backlash towards Russia the next day. A total boycott would be the result. But when it is Ukraine, who cares.

Ukraine is far from a perfect place. This new democracy was going through a lot of growing pains. Corruption is a big issue, but it was being dealt with it, slowly but surely – Ukraine was changing for the better, year on year. This nightmare war is not something they started and they did nothing to Russia to deserve such a brutal invasion. Yes, there have been tensions between the two nations for a long time, but Ukraine was getting on with life, making food, writing software, building airplanes, and more. Tourism was on the rise, and life in Ukraine was good. And now, innocent people, and children, and being brutally killed, just about every day, and it seems like it will never end. And yet the average Russian is carrying on with their lives without a care in the world. Something is not right with this scenario.

This warning on cigarettes in Ukraine says that you should quit smoking so that you get to see how Putin dies. With a bit of luck Putin will disappear one of these days. Please God this nightmare war ends soon. As I have said before, if Russia wins this war and destroys Ukraine then evil and terrorism have prevailed and it will spread. What kind of a world is this then? Not a world I want to be a part of.

Russia is clearly sabotaging the entire world, not just with food supplies but also with energy supplies. First, the aggressor stopped gas supply through Nord Stream-1 due to turbine maintenance, which they hoped Canada would not return. It’s a sly, clever move to cut off the gas supply to the EU and blame Canada for not giving them their turbine back. Well, it did not work out that way, as Canada returned the turbine because most EU countries need to fill their gas storage ASAP before the heating season starts. When their plan did not work, Russia announced a “force majeure”, which is defined as an extraordinary set of circumstances that releases a party from its legal obligations. This is clearly energy terrorism, in addition to food terrorism and terrorism against the Ukrainian nation. It will be interesting to see how much more Putin needs to do in order to have the world recognize him as a global terrorist and take appropriate action. – This is from today’s UBN – what a story !