What do you stand for … ?

Values are what bind us together, apparently. I guess the question is then: what do you truly value? This war nightmare has woken me up, and what I value has been driving my recent behavior.

“If you don’t stand for something, you will fall for anything.” – Alexander Hamilton |

If you ask just about anyone now if they like Russia then I am pretty sure that their answer would be a very quick and rigid NO. Hang on, what has Russia done to you personally? But still, no one wants anything to do with them. Putin is without a doubt, pure evil.

Let’s make it a bit more personal and intimate. Let’s say that someone does something bad to me, and you are my close friend, and then the next thing I hear is that you and this guy are now doing business together, and I ask you about this and your response is, “But he has not done anything bad to me.” I am sure if they shot me with a gun then you would avoid them. So yes, I don’t get it. A guy who robs me, for example, is going to rob you too. Our values seem to be more like trends than things we actually stand for and believe in.

Perhaps one day I will publish a list of people I know that I think you should avoid. I know that shaming people by naming names would be not be cool or professional. But I am thinking about it. Fuck it. I am just tired of bullshit.

Values can’t have double standards. And it starts with the small things. All relationships that are healthy are based on mutual respect. But when one party starts to neglect you, then call it a day. I am. Perhaps it took this trauma to make me embrace the values I believe in. I simply don’t have time for people who humour me. Regardless of how long we have known each other, or what we have shared together. If you are not sincere, I don’t want you near me. Take trying to call people on the phone – if it is so hard to get a hold of someone then it reveals something about their attitude. And I can make it easy for someone with a simple text asking them when is a good time to call them. If after a few texts asking the same thing then I am calling it a day.

Through this nightmare war I have reconnected with people I lost touch with. Some I am very fond of, some not. And then there are some that are meant to be good people but not to me, and I don’t want anything more to do with them.

Another bizarre thing I have experienced in this past month is people lecturing me online about how Ukraine should be grateful, and how Biden is a good man, blah blah blah. You are entitled to your perspective and I am allowed to have my own point of view. I think that America is not helping Ukraine nearly enough. The Budapest agreement in 1994 should have been adhered to, but America does not seem to remember what was agreed to back then. And now it is more lip service than real help. So yes, I am not so fond of America and their weak President who is too chicken to call Putin’s bluff. People giving me shit online that are meant to care about me is just mind boggling. No compassion towards me personally, no empathy. Even if perhaps you are right, rather just be kind. Pure selfishness and insecurity. And again, they are meant to be people that care about me but I don’t get that sense of all. Instead they made it personal, and started to criticize me and insult me, simply because I am saying that America is weak. Wow!

This good VS evil battle is polarizing the world even more, and I will end off by saying that if Ukraine is destroyed then evil has won, and it will spread. And then good luck to all Americans and everyone else – everyone will suffer if Ukraine is allowed to disappear. Evil is like a cancer, and if not stopped, it will come and get all of us.