David and Goliath

Ukraine’s spirit is incredible. I do believe they can win this war. But what that actually means is anyone’s guess. At what cost? So much death, so much destruction. Please God our prayers are answered and that this nightmare ends soon.

Something that I have been following online is how much financial support/aid is being provided to Ukraine. I imagine that when this war is over the West will pour billions and billions into Ukraine simply out of guilt. Ukraine is fighting for the whole democratic world. Please God Ukraine’s treasures and infrastructure are still largely intact when this nightmare is over, and then the country can indeed rebuild. All that foreign money will help for sure.

Ukraine has many problems before this war began. Yes, the country was on a healthy growth trajectory, and cities like Lviv, Odessa, and Kyiv, were becoming the new hot spots of the world. The biggest problem in Ukraine was that of corruption and the parasite Oligarchs are at the center of this mess. I remember reading in one of the local English publications from Kyiv, that the weekend before the war started, the main airport in Kyiv had the biggest number of private jets flying out of the country. As that old saying goes, when the going gets tough, the jets get going.

Where are these parasites now? I don’t hear of any Oligarch giving money to help the country where they took so much from. Unless of course they get a building named after themselves they don’t give. And when buildings are being blown up I guess the chances of them putting their hands in their pockets are very small. When this war is over they should stay away in their private jets, and not come back. They are not role models and they are all are involved in corrupt business practices. To hell with them.

Ukraine, in my many years of experience, is a bright, warm, hard working nation, and in my view they deserve a better conversation in the world. Of course Trump did not help. For years he went on about Ukraine being a bad place. He has probably never even stepped foot in Ukraine. And then there is Biden’s no good son, who was also involved in some Ukrainian corrupt gas story.

Ukraine is not Russia and they do not want to be a part of Russia. Yes, they share a common history, and there is a lot of overlap in terms of religion, culture, language, but that does not mean they want to be part of the most corrupt and evil regime on the planet.

Ukraine was dealing with its corruption and Ukraine was a true democracy with a free press. The city of Kyiv, where I live, is the hippest city in the world, and it was being discovered in a big way. Every time a new person came to Kyiv they could not wait to come back. The real estate market in Kyiv was booming. Cranes, cranes and more cranes. Perhaps that is where the name of the country comes from. Just kidding. Ukraine means “borderland” and it is the bridge between Europe and the Asian continent. If Ukraine happened to be on the Eastern side of Russia no one would really care. But it is in a very strategic place on the globe and it has an importance in the world.

I could write a book on what has come from Ukraine. The tech space, which is the IT hub of Europe, and the second largest software outsourcing nation after India, was transforming into the next Israel. In fact, Israeli tech start-ups often have their dev centers in Kyiv or one of the other big cities. Start-ups were becoming a big thing in Ukraine and the chances are a lot of the software you use on your smartphone or laptop has been developed in Ukraine. The biggest industry in Ukraine is agriculture and the country is often called the “breadbasket of Europe”.

Russia is the world’s biggest country. Do they really need more land. And who in this day and age is trying to grab land. Russia is run by thugs – it is a petrol station with nuclear bombs. The country’s economy is going backwards and the average Russian has a very hard life. Putin and his henchmen are on their own mission here with this insane war, and they are destroying their own country in the process. Ukraine has done nothing to Russia, and did not start this war. They don’t want to fight with anyone. They were too busy growing their economy. Russia, on the other hand, was going backwards. They were jealous of Ukraine. This lady says it all – you gotta watch this.