Ukraine is fighting for the whole world

Can Ukraine win this war? And, what does that even mean. My initial thought was that of one nation beating the other. In Russia’s case, it is simple: wipe out the Ukrainian army, take over the capital, and put a puppet government in place. Russia certainly has a way bigger military, more weaponry, and a lot more resources. But they will not win.

What does it mean for Ukraine to win? Remember, Ukraine did not want a war with Russia, or anyone else for that matter, and Ukraine was growing their economy and getting on with the job. Ukraine would rather co-exist with Russia, as it did before 2014, than fight. I believe Ukraine will win this war, but in Ukraine’s case they do not need to conquer Russia or wipe out their army.

Ukraine just wants Russia to leave them alone. Ukraine wants to keep growing its economy and adding value to the world, which it does well, in terms of agriculture, IT, design, property development, art, fashion, music, tourism, and much much more. For Ukraine to win this war they need Russia to stop. And for Russia to stop they need Putin to be removed (and hopefully taken out). I believe this is a very real possibility. If Ukraine can hold off the Russian army it will wear down Putin and his inner circle. And this is where Ukraine can and will win. It is just a matter of time.

The Russian elite are for sure feeling the Western squeeze and the longer this war continues the more they will all be miserable. To the point where they will tell their buddy Putin that enough is enough. If Putin does not win his mad ego driven war soon (he will not win), I believe this is going to be his downfall, and a regime change will take place. And Ukraine will win.

“It’s not only about the Russian elite who suffer, but every Russian citizen will feel the huge impact. Almost all global brands have stopped their cooperation with Russia, their aviation industry is ruined and will never be the same, and they now have huge queues to reach an ATM. Their currency is falling every day. The time is on our side, but every minute of war causes only pain and suffering. Russia will not have enough time and savings to supply their army soon, so the end of this war will be a complete demolition of Russian’s army and economy. Even in the worst case, they will never hold Ukrainian territories for long time, people will stand up and fight. And sanctions will not be stopped, so every step Putin takes now is a loosing one. Now he’s a rat trapped in the corner.”

There are of course many terrifying aspects of this insane and unnecessary war. What if Putin drops a big bomb on Ukraine. He said he is prepared to use a small nuclear device, whatever that means. I doubt the West will continue to sit back and watch if something like this takes place. This situation is all so volatile and it could escalate fast and before you know it we will be in WW III.

If anyone still doubts what Putin is capable of then you are living in some other fantasy world. Do not be naive. We were naive. We all thought it was one big bluff. The day the war started, and our building shook from the first bombs that were dropped, we were also naive. Not any more. We left Kyiv on the second day of air raid sirens and bomb blasts, and we were terrified.

Russia is failing and Ukraine is thriving. Ukraine is growing fast. Russia is going backwards. I believe Putin wants WW III. I may be wrong, but I will bet he does. I don’t believe though that his elite circle wants this. I think Putin is on his own mission and God help us all if he is not stopped. We have seen this movie before and it does not end well.

Ukraine is Putin’s kryptonite and it is just a matter of time before he is taken out. The big painful question is: at what cost? If they keep firing rockets into Ukraine they could kill so many people and destroy so much infrastructure that it takes decades for Ukraine to recover. And then there are all the ancient historical treasures in Kyiv, and throughout the country. If these all get destroyed then Ukraine will be seriously wounded.

Please God this nightmare ends soon. Ukraine is fighting for the whole world here and is hoping for the best and preparing for the worst. Ukraine will win. Putin has already lost.

Ukraine will win because they know what they are fighting for.

One last thing: it is not The Ukraine – it is Ukraine – the largest country in Europe.