The biggest disease in the world

Corona finally got us. Felt like a kak flu – feeling better today. Phew. We were lucky. Many people have died from this freakin’ thing.

We have been so scared to catch corona, especially with the Bunster and all, but now we can tick it off the list. We are fully vaccinated and have been so careful but we caught it somehow. And so many people who we know have it too. The corona craziness continues.

A bigger disease in the world though has been around a lot longer and it is far more devastating. It is called greed.

I was in bed for the weekend and was thinking: is greed and selfishness the same thing … ? I looked up on Google and found this: Selfishness is when you want something just for yourself. Greed is when you want more than what you need.

I am a selfish person. But no more selfish than the next person. We live in a selfish world. But I don’t believe I am greedy, or ever have been. And sadly, so many people I have met in my life are very greedy. Doesn’t mean I don’t like them or that they are bad people. But this global greed disease is damaging the world, way more than the corona virus.

I read something on Twitter this week that really got me thinking: Money can’t make rich people happy, but it can make poor people happy.

We all need to give more. After all, the best way to receive it so give. One way to help cure this greed disease is to be more generous. Patience, love, generosity … these all used to be more evident in simpler times. That is my perception.