An online advert caught my eye. A cool USB gadget that I had to check out. I go over to the site Trendy Castle and I like what I see.

I am into photography and yes, like every geek, I like gadgets. So when I see this mini camera that is a cool USB drive, I am hooked. There is a button to add this to the shopping basket, so I click. But for some reason I never actually bought the gizmo. I was having a crazy day at work and I was probably doing some late night window shopping just to unwind. I had the site’s URL saved, and it was just a matter of time … that little baby was coming to my collection.usb nikonThe next morning I get up and have my digital routine kick in. Switch on phone, check for any e-mails, Slack and WhatsApp messages (the work never stops), and I notice I have a Facebook message. I don’t often use the Facebook messenger, but occasionally it comes in handy. But this message is not from anyone I think I know. But hang on, it has been sent by Trendy Castle… Isn’t that the Web site I just peeked at last night?! The heading of the message reads: Want the cutest (yet useful) USB drive you’ll ever own? And the familiar call to action: Leave something behind?

Just now they will be telling me about photos I take, and perhaps they will do image recognition on the photos and they will try target the people I interact with. Phew, the creepy factor here has no bounds.

How does this online store know how to find me on Facebook?

This is a warning of things to come.

I really do dig this little USB gadget, and I did order one. But whoa, I am not excited about the world we are living in. Everything we do online is tracked and exploited. I still don’t understand how they found my Facebook address – I didn’t enter my email address and I didn’t “like” anything… weird.