Are you motivated by money … ?

Here is a leading question: are you motivated by money? Most people would say yes. But the truth is, money does not motivate anyone. Money moves people. Motivation comes from the fact that you believe in what you are doing. It is something that you feel, like when you are fulfilled about the work you do. Motivation comes from inspiration, passion and a sense of purpose. Many people do things they don’t enjoy simply to earn money. Doing what you love and loving what you do is all about motivation.

When you are into something you get excited. You sometimes struggle to sleep at night and you shoot out of bed the next day as soon as the sun is up. This is what a motivated person does. It is an emotional response to the possibility of doing something amazing in the world.

Let’s have a look at a colourful example. Ok, picture in your mind a cold winter’s period. We need you to come clean our offices early in the morning tomorrow, before everyone gets to work that day. We want to give the cleaning crew a day off and we need someone to pitch in. We need you. Now, is there anything we could say that would inspire you to help us? Would you feel fulfilled about doing this? No. But if we offered you a big pile of cash you would be there in a flash. Money moves people. But it does not motivate them. A very simple example, but you get the point. Now if we asked you to come in and clean up as part of a team effort to get the office ready for an important pitch that could benefit everyone? That’s motivating without money – it’s motivating with purpose.

The hard truth in this world we live in is that many people do things without any motivation. They do these things because they need the money to survive, and they do them without necessarily any chance for personal growth. This does not mean however that they are not enthusiastic or happy. For from it. But their work is about earning a living to provide for their families. And perhaps they are passionate and inspired. The point is that when you are motivated to do something it is not about money – it is because you have a dream and you will work around the clock to try make it happen.