An online advert caught my eye. A cool USB gadget that I had to check out. I go over to the site Trendy Castle and I like what I see.

I am into photography and yes, like every geek, I like gadgets. So when I see this mini camera that is a cool USB drive, I am hooked. There is a button to add this to the shopping basket, so I click. But for some reason I never actually bought the gizmo. I was having a crazy day at work and I was probably doing some late night window shopping just to unwind. I had the site’s URL saved, and it was just a matter of time … that little baby was coming to my collection.usb nikonThe next morning I get up and have my digital routine kick in. Switch on phone, check for any e-mails, Slack and WhatsApp messages (the work never stops), and I notice I have a Facebook message. I don’t often use the Facebook messenger, but occasionally it comes in handy. But this message is not from anyone I think I know. But hang on, it has been sent by Trendy Castle… Isn’t that the Web site I just peeked at last night?! The heading of the message reads: Want the cutest (yet useful) USB drive you’ll ever own? And the familiar call to action: Leave something behind?

Just now they will be telling me about photos I take, and perhaps they will do image recognition on the photos and they will try target the people I interact with. Phew, the creepy factor here has no bounds.

How does this online store know how to find me on Facebook?

This is a warning of things to come.

I really do dig this little USB gadget, and I did order one. But whoa, I am not excited about the world we are living in. Everything we do online is tracked and exploited. I still don’t understand how they found my Facebook address – I didn’t enter my email address and I didn’t “like” anything… weird.

Two Aussies

Two Australians were sitting around and talking one afternoon over a cold beer.

After a while, the first Australian says to the second,”If I was to sneak over to your house and make love to your wife while you were off fishing, and she got pregnant and had a baby, would that make us related?”

The second Australian crooked his head sideways for a minute, scratched his head and squinted his eyes, thinking real hard about the question.

Finally he says, “Well, I don’t know about related, but I reckon it’d make us even!!!”

The word opportunity

Opportunity sounds like a positive thing, doesn’t it? I mean, if someone calls you up and passionately says “I want to share an exciting opportunity with you”, then this sounds cool, right.

The thing is, from what I have learned in life, opportunity can also be a chance to hit the bottom. Yes, opportunity also means you can fail. And statically speaking, more business ventures fail than succeed. So the next time someone wants to talk to you about an amazing opportunity then make sure you are sober when considering getting involved.

Opportunity is not just about work but also about life, and love. An opportunity to go on a date, for example, does not necessarily mean you will fall in love and live happily ever after. Just think of how many crummy dates you have been on in your life. Think about the excitement beforehand and then try remember the disappointment the next day. We have all been there.

Every opportunity means we can win or we can lose. And I believe that the chances are greater that we will lose. So, why then is the word opportunity such a positive sounding word?!

I am a positive person, and I have spent my life taking risks. I have had many ups, and downs. The opportunity roller coaster can be hectic.

Opportunity is always all around us. I keep hearing of opportunities – apparently they are everywhere. And it generally sounds so good.

This ironic word has got me thinking this week. Perhaps I am considering another opportunity and getting a bit anxious. For such a positive sounding word, it sure does bring a lot of stress. Irony indeed.