Dealing with e-mail bombardment after a long distance flight

We all have anxiety due to digital overload. E-mails left, right and center, social media activity, keeping up with all the different messages. Not so long ago it was more about e-mail, but these days it is WhatsApp texts, messages on Facebook, Twitter updates. and more. And when you land and get online after a long flight it can hit hard and sometimes it is overwhelming.

It is amazing what can accumulate during a night. I know I am not alone in this modern day struggle. I have travelled with many friends and colleagues before, and when we land, there is always a rush to get online and see what’s cooking. Things to take care of, problems to sort out, people needing answers, decisions to make. And when you are groggy and tired from a long flight it can really stress you out.

I remember using the “out of office” feature on my Microsoft mail client in the late 90s and into the new millennium. But for the past 10 years I don’t use it anymore. The office is wherever you go. Good or bad, this is the modern world. Globalization is about never switching off. E-mail overload, and all the rest, is not a problem we are going to solve anytime soon.

Things to keep in mind when filming in London and South Africa

The cops don’t have guns in London, but that doesn’t mean there isn’t shooting in the streets.

The Internet has the perils of time drainage and trolls, but online connectivity has changed the film and creative game-space for the best. We write scripts and produce the project in South Africa, cast via Skype, get feedback from all corners of the planet, film in London with UK actors and crew, have our web development team in Kiev, Ukraine, connect with them on FaceTime to approve technical specs, edit in Joburg, pay American lawyers, and provide content to the world.

When it comes to equipment, pack the basics. However, you can’t always travel with lighting rigs and slide-and-glide tripods on a plane, then drag them around the streets. Outsourcing is a wonderful thing, and a solid option because of the aforementioned Internet. A simple Google search around the area we’d be shooting (Shoreditch) got us several contacts and quotes. Equipment is cheaper to buy for even the smaller UK gear owners.

Renting overseas equipment eliminates Sisyphean schlepping of heavy gear, and the suppliers can oversee specifics like technical recces and making sure there are backup facilities. Forgot your favourite lens in your other computer bag? No problem, someone else has two of them. No issues with plug points, customs’ forms for work gear (involving more expense) and mobility. Just hop into an Uber and get to the location.