Last year we put a team together to brainstorm ideas to try to conceive something that was fun, simple, and that solved a difficult problem. That is the key to it – we wanted to try to create something that we would all use and that could help us in our lives. An idea for an app called Pixion was born. It just went live today. Please download it and check it out. Go to www.pixion.me and install it on your iPhone.

Typing out a thousand words can be daunting – that’s what makes Pixion such a fantastic app! Ask visual questions and get them answered.

Capture. Question. Answer.


Simply capture what you see, post it as a question on Pixion and crowdsource answers from friends and people within the community.

For example : Is this a good wine, how much does this cost, where can I find this, do these sunglasses suit me, do I look good in this dress, is this a good restaurant … shoot, ask, learn.

And if you don’t have questions, then be fascinated, amused by, or challenged, to find answers to posts made by other users. Search the ever-growing database of knowledge for postings on the Explore screen by hash-tag or by user. By using our geographical slider find out information on things around you.

What’s more, your accepted answers to questions or up-votes obtained by other users can earn you points and gain you a good reputation within this inquisitive community.

On the Profile page you can follow and be followed by your Facebook friends and search on the Explore page for other non-Facebook friends to follow.


– No limit to the amount of questions you can ask
– Follow friends and see what they’re posting
– View postings by distance from your location
– Quick access to trending tags
– Search for tags or users that interest you
– Get notified when people respond to your questions
– Get notified when people interact with your answers
– Accept answers to your questions as correct
– Give answers a “thumbs up” or “thumbs down”
– Earn points every time your answer gets a “thumbs up” or is accepted as correct