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We are coming to the end of our first cinema week on Nothing for Mahala. We started off modestly and this weekend will be the decider. We are hoping and praying for a small drop-off because that will mean the word-of-mouth is alive and kicking. By Monday afternoon, there will be a drum roll, and the numbers will be in … yup, it is all about the numbers.

We came in no. 3 for our opening weekend in Rands and no. 2 in terms of attendances (the 3D movie ahead of us in Rands has a higher ticket price because of the 3D ticket pricing). We are blessed because this coming weekend there are still no big blockbuster movies being released and our footprint is pretty much intact for our second weekend. These next few days are key …. we are in with a chance!

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If we only drop off around 10 to 15% in weekend # 2 then we have a chance of a good result here – the “drop off” is always the most important measure in a movie’s cinema run.

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